One Direction Heardle

How to Play One Direction Heardle – Guess the 1D Song!

You’ve heard the One Direction song before. But can you guess which song? Here’s your chance to find out with One Direction Heardle! Guess the 1D song from the intro in as little tries as possible.

What is the One Direction Heardle?

What is the One Direction Heardle

Are you want to know what is One Direction Heardle?

Guess the 1D song!

Haha this is so hard. But I’ll give it a try. It’s probably “Drag Me Down.”

The One Direction Heardle is a quiz where the fans can guess which of the band’s songs is being sung in a particular scene from the new movie. The quiz has been running for a few weeks now and there are many different scenes with different songs, so it will be interesting to see how accurate the fans are. So far, only a few people have gotten all of the songs right, but who knows – maybe one of them will be able to solve the mystery and tell us what song is being sung in the final scene of the movie!

In case you’re wondering, here’s a list of all of the songs that have been featured in one or more scenes so far: “What Makes You Beautiful,” “Best Song Ever,” “One Way or Another,” “Little Things,” and “Kiss You.”

Basic Rules of the Game

There are a few basic rules of the game.

  1. First, you have to guess the 1D song.
  2. Second, you have to be quick!
  3. Third, if you get it wrong, you have to sing the L song instead.
  4. Fourth, if you get it wrong again, you have to sing the X song!
  5. Fifth, no cheating! Sixth, have fun!

How to play One Direction Heardle

How to play One Direction Heardle

Whoever guesses the D song correctly first, will win a signed copy of their album. The other three members of One Direction will also sign the album for the lucky winner. To play, simply listen to the track and guess which one of the following lyrics is describing a d:

“Hey now you’re pretty when you’re mad / And I can tell that you feel that way about me”

“I know it’s wrong / But I can’t help how I feel about you”

  • Listen to the intro and give your best guess as to which 1D song it is.
  • If you are wrong, turn over two cards.
  • If no one guesses correctly, then you guessed right!

Tips for Playing the One Direction Heardle

When it comes to One Direction, everyone has a favorite song. So which one is your favorite? If you can’t decide, take our quiz to find out which one Direction song you are Most Likely to be singing along to in the shower!

  • Listen to the song into and try to guess the 1D word.
  • Keep guessing until you get it right.
  • Share your results with us on social media using the hashtag #OneDirectionHeardle!


Well, if you’re like many of us and play one direction heardle, trying to figure out which one directio song is playing in your head right now (hopefully without singing along), then this quiz is for you! With 20 questions about the band and their latest album release, Up All Night, this quiz should have you guessing until the very end. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!


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