how to charge apple watch without charger

How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger?

If you find yourself without a charger for your Apple Watch, there are creative solutions to keep it charged. In this article, we will discuss 6 alternative methods how to charge apple watch without charger. Let’s explore these innovative techniques and ensure your Apple Watch stays charged at all times.

How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger, follow these steps:

1: Solar-Powered Chargers

An eco-friendly option for charging your Apple Watch is using solar-powered chargers. These portable devices use sunlight to generate electricity, providing a sustainable way to charge your watch.

Although solar charging may take longer, it’s a convenient solution, particularly when you’re outdoors. Just place the solar charger in direct sunlight, connect your Apple Watch, and let it charge naturally.

2: Wireless Charging Pad

A convenient alternative for charging your Apple Watch without a charger is utilizing a wireless charging pad. These compact pads use induction charging technology to transfer power wirelessly to your watch.

By placing your Apple Watch on the pad, it can charge effortlessly. This method is especially beneficial if you have access to a wireless charging pad or if you’re near public charging stations that support wireless charging.

3: Power Banks

Power banks, or portable chargers, provide a reliable solution for charging your Apple Watch on the go. These convenient devices store electrical energy and can charge a variety of devices, including your Apple Watch.

Look for a power bank with a USB port and connect your watch using a compatible charging cable. Power banks are available in different sizes and capacities, allowing you to choose one that fits your needs.

Whether you’re traveling or lacking access to a traditional charger, a power bank can ensure your Apple Watch stays charged.

4: Laptop or Computer USB Port

When lacking a charger, your laptop or computer can serve as a reliable alternative. USB ports commonly found on these devices can be used to charge your Apple Watch.

Connect your watch to a USB port using a compatible charging cable, and it will begin charging. This method is particularly useful when you’re busy with work or study and require a fast and convenient charging option.

5: Car Charger

A car charger can be a convenient option for people who are frequently on the go. Designed specifically for Apple devices, these chargers typically include a USB port to connect your Apple Watch using a compatible charging cable.

This allows you to charge your watch while driving or during long road trips. Car chargers provide a reliable charging solution, particularly for individuals who spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles.

6: Magnetic Charging Dock

For a stylish and convenient charging experience, a magnetic charging dock is an excellent option to charge your Apple Watch without a traditional charger.

This sleek accessory securely holds your watch in place while wirelessly charging it. Just place your Apple Watch on the dock, and the magnets will ensure a secure connection for charging.

The dock can be connected to a power source through a USB cable or directly to a wall outlet, offering versatility in charging options.


When you don’t have a charger for your Apple Watch, there are clever alternatives to keep it powered.

From solar-powered chargers to wireless charging pads, power banks, and magnetic charging docks, these innovative solutions ensure your watch stays charged even without a traditional charger.

Next time you’re in a pinch, try one of these six methods and keep your Apple Watch ticking!