How Do I Completely Reset My WordPress Site

How Do I Completely Reset My WordPress Site?

WordPress is a versatile content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and manage websites of all sizes. However, even the most experienced WordPress users can encounter issues that require a complete site reset. If done wrong it can make it hard for you to work on your website. This can be a daunting task, but WP Reset makes it easy to restore your site to its original state.

What is WP Reset

What is WP Reset?

WP Reset is a WordPress plugin that provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for resetting your WordPress site. It offers several options for resetting your site, including:

Resetting WordPress: This option will reset your WordPress installation to its default settings, including deleting all your plugins, themes, and data.

Resetting Posts and Pages: This option will reset all of your posts and pages to their original state, including removing any edits or changes you have made.

Resetting Users: This option will delete all of your users and their associated data. 


Why Use WP Reset?


There are several reasons why you might want to reset your WordPress site. Some of the most common reasons include:

Fixing a corrupted WordPress installation: If your WordPress installation becomes corrupted, you may be unable to access your site or make changes. WP Reset can help you restore your site to its working state.

Removing malware: If your site has been infected with malware, WP Reset can remove the malware and restore your site to its pre-infected state.

Testing new plugins or themes: Before you install a new plugin or theme, you may want to test it on a staging site. WP Reset can help you easily reset your staging site to its original state.

Using WP Reset


Installing and using WP Reset is a straightforward process. Here are the steps on how to completely reset your WordPress site with WP Reset:

  1. Install WP Reset: Go to the WP Reset website ( and download the plugin.
  2. Activate WP Reset: Upload the plugin files to your WordPress site and activate the plugin.
  3. Access the WP Reset Dashboard: Go to Settings > WP Reset to access the WP Reset Dashboard.
  4. Select the Reset Options: Choose the options you want to reset, such as WordPress, Posts and Pages, or Users.
  5. Confirm the Reset: Click the “Reset” button to confirm the reset.


The Importance of Backups

Before you reset your WordPress site, it is important to make a backup of your site files and database. This will protect you in case anything goes wrong during the reset process. 


WP Reset is a valuable tool for WordPress users who need to completely reset their site for any reason. It is a safe and easy-to-use plugin that can help you restore your site to its original state or test new plugins and themes. It will make working on the backend of your website much easier. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily reset your WordPress site and get back up and running in no time.


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